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Practical Soil Temperatures For Seed Planting in Home Gardens
(Expecting 70% Germination from Seed)
Current Soil Temperature: 33.0° (4" Depth)

Beets 45° Carrots 45° Lettuce 45° Parsley 45° Radishes 45°
Spinach 45° Turnip 50° Cabbage 58° Swiss Chard 58° Corn 60°
Tomatoes 60° Cucumbers 65° Peppers 65° Cantaloupe 68° Squash 70°
Beans 72° Watermelon 72° Okra 74° Eggplant 75° Pumpkins 75°

These are the soil temperatures at which these various vegetables should be planted from seed, and represent the Optimal Planting Temperature which should produce a minimum germination rate of at least 70%, and provide for strong Spring growth. Soil temperatures reported on this site are taken at the recommended soil depth of 4". Also, the listed temperatures should be good for transplants, as well as new seedings.

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